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Anna’s Consignment is Magical!!!

WOW!!! Thanksgiving has come and gone—seems impossible doesn’t it?  Wasn’t it yesterday that I was talking of  the heat index? I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was everything wonderful for you and your family time!  The warm colors, comfort foods and of course, the ”with family’ time, makes Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays.

Our focus is now on entertaining and that magical time of year filled with gift giving.  How fortunate ,for me, that I work  at Anna’s Consignments!!  I am surrounded by gorgeous   furniture and accesories galore, a perfect place to browse and find that exceptional piece that will dramatically finish the entire look of  any room.  Consider our consoles, a desk chair, a bergere love seat, game table, high boy, coffee table, MIRROR, all very special pieces, all one of a kind and all ready for immediate pick up!!  One of the conveniences of shopping at Anna’s  Consignment is that you recieve immediate gratifiction!

You may wonder why I mention  Anna’s Consignment as a place for you to look as you check off your list.   Did you know we have lovely crystal pieces by Waterford , Orrefors, Baccarat etc., and beautiful silver pieces by Gorham, Reed and Barton and Wallace!  So much more, but that’s for you to come in and see  for yourself.  You’re sure to find a treasure that will most likely be hard to give away, BUT remember this is the time for GIVING.  Come after the holidays for “YOU”!

Remember, take time to enjoy the holidays and come in for warm apple cider and cookies!  Happy Holidays!!

Where did all the tables go??

I had  a wonderful opportunity to travel to Charleston with a group of friends, so I was gone for about 2 weeks.  Our shop looked  spectacular with a Karges dining table and chairs,  a gorgeous set of Baker Dining Chairs surrounded  an equally beautiful Baker Table, and  a Vintage Mahogany Table with 8 vintage mahogany ball and claw dining chairs.   Yesterday was my first day back, and THEY WERE ALL SOLD AND DELIVERED!!  I shouldn’t be surprised, after all the holidays are just a breath away.  Don’t you fret, however,  as I was leaving the shop, the movers were busily placing on the floor, a table from England, 132″  fully opened Mahogany pedestal table with a gorgeous band around the circumference!! More tables were on the dock ready to take the place of the ones just delivered.  Speaking of the holidays, it’s like Christmas just waiting to see what beauties awaits me as I  come to work  each day.  Since we’ve expanded our space, there’s more inventory than ever  AND more fun exploring!!

Karges—-Did you know?????

When I entered the store, the first of last week, I was amazed at the new shipment of consigned furniture that arrived during the few days I was off! Anna told us that we were expecting an extrodinary consignment (she saw photos of the pieces) BUT seeing this collection in person was another story.  Anna, of course,  knew what to expect, but I never heard of Karges. I was so impressed by the quality, design, and workmanship,  I did a little research so see what KARGES FURNITURE was all about.  Thought you’d like to know, too.

Karges Furniture is manufactured in Evansville, Indiana—(how did I NOT know about them???? That’s a hop, skip, and a jump from Chicago!!)  They manufacture beautiful hand crafted furniture, and have been doing so for 100 years!! NOTHING goes out of their factory that isn’t worked by hand!  (Very rare, now a days) Karges is a family owned business that is now in it’s fifth generation.  Their company mission has always been “integrity” and oh, how that shows!  I was told that an editor, who recently visited the factory, referred to Karges as,  ‘The Last Great Furniture Company!”. I would agree, however, I would like to add one, very important word….“American!”…

By the end of this week, we will have photos to show you some of this spectacular collection……The tables. chairs, console, so much more, are all worth stopping by our web site.  If you’re in the area, visit our store, to see for yourself, why I’m so thrilled to have this extrodinary furniture by KARGES in our inventory for some VERY LUCKY buyers!


This time of year  reminds me of the excitement of starting something NEW.  First day of First Grade—First day of High Schoo9l—College,—— first time REALLY living on your own–First Apartment—First Office —-all new hopeful beginnings.

Nothing is more exciting than starting up a “First Apartment”!  The young career bound,  so anxious to make their mark in the world and to explore their own styles and tastes. Decorating that first place can be a challenge, often money is a huge limiting factor.  Introducing them to Antique and Art Consignment, where they can find quality for less, is always such a smart idea.  As it turns out, we have more upholestered pieces in our store than we’ve had for a long time.  All in VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition.  Start out with one of  Antique and Arts  full range of sofas,  all at prices well BELOW their original cost.  We always have something for—YOUR TASTE   YOUR STYLE   YOUR BUDGET!!!

For the young student at home,  having their own desk is so important to them.  And we can HELP!! We have more desks then we’ve ever had at one time!  From  contemporary student desks to an outstanding Executive Baker desk.  How about a statement piece—a leather top vintage writing desk?  So many more to choose from….  Shop here first, we may be able to fulfill that dream!!!!…. and  still maintain your BUDGET!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

We have the FAIREST of them all!

Venitian, Victorian, New-Classic, Rococco

Gustavian, Moderne, and then there’s Deco.

To try to list them all I’d fail

I’ll just mention Louis Phillip and Chippendale.

Come in to see the wonders we behold

We’ll be happy to tag your favorite “SOLD”!!

We love our mirrors, and are known to always have a fabulous selection to choose from.  Come into the store, or call us at 847-681-2111 and we’ll be happy to tell you what’s available! 

I’m remembering………………

There’s no question about it, our weather has been hot, hot, and  hotter!!  Temperatures hovering near 100. However, that hasn’t stopped the influx of furniture and accessories arriving on a daily basis——and fortunately for us, that’s how much is being sold, on a daily basis, because of our resilient customers!  We absolutely have the best customers anywhere!!……I remember last winter, on the way to work,  the wind was howling, the temperature was in the teens,  snow was knee deep, our snow plows hadn’t arrived yet to make a path to the entrance, our staff  barely made it through the doors (the ones that were able to arrive at all), and our customers were WAITING for us to open.  One of the men,  asked if he could help us shovel a small path to make it easier to get to the entrance, until the plow arrived!!!Now that’s what I call “terrific customers”.  Did this little message cool any of you off a little???  Hope so—–and hope to see you soon. By the way, if anyone is looking for a fabulous Baker Display China Cabinet, with the original cost of over $40,000.00, come in and drool—it’s absolutely breath taking!!!! Forget the weather, this will give you chills!!!!


Another BUSY day at Anna’s Consignments……..A customer that I’ve been working with for a few months came into the store to see the Kittinger Dining chairs with Chippendale legs that just arrived a few days earlier.  She fell in love with them, bought them and rather than have them delivered, decided to make a few trips with her van to get them to her home.  As she was walking out the door with her last chair, I was wondering what I’d put in their place around our beautiful Italian Made 160″ dining table.  I didn’t have to wonder for very long!! In walked another customer delivering their John Widdicomb Mario Buatta dinning chairs to place on consignment.  All I can say about these chairs—FABULOUS!!!  We are in a CONSTANT STATE OF CHANGE at Anna’s

It’s all about the “Label”!!

I entered the store yesterday, after being off for 2 days, and AGAIN was pleasantly surprised at all the NEW consignments that arrived in my absence.   I began to peruse the inventory to see what I could find for our “wish list customers” and started to take note of all the LABELS! I’m a label shopper, so, ofcourse, this is always of interest to me.

Here we go—thought you might be interested too.  There’s Kittinger, Baker, Ralph Lauren, Councill,  Henredon, Barbara Berry, Holly Hunt, Marge Carson, Beacon Hill, Hancock & Moore, Vintage Drexel, Beachley, Southwood, Albert Vivo (FABULOUS Italian Leathers), Chadek, just to name a few!! WOW!! That’s impressive! If you’re a “Label” shopper, like me, THIS is where to be!!!

Henry Kissinger

” Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything you are you that
Is the beginning and the end No apologies No regrets

Henry A Kissinger “

Mario Buatta The Legend

“People decorate three times in their lives: The first is when they get
Married and get their own place. The second is when their children
Grow up and they redecorate with better things.Then after 60
They do it for the last time and they make their home look
The way they have always dreamed”

After selling vintage and antique furniture for almost 25 years
I have to agree with Mario